Virtual Transnational Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center


Development of an innovative network for the promotion of extroversion of agro-food companies in Adriatic - Ionian Area

Who We Are

ViBIEC (Virtual Transnational Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center) is an online business platform that aims to provide support for entrepreneurs and information relative to agro-food businesses, guidance in innovation and entrepreneurship activities, training in some major agro-food business topics, networking capabilities, as well a set of online business tools.

ViBIEC offers a digital ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship that helps the development of links and synergies between farmers, agro-food enterprises, Research Institutes and Public Authorities for the promotion of agro-food products’ extroversion, the development of agro-food companies’ internalization and the promotion of environmentally–friendly farming practices.

Benefit for registered users:

Use online business tools, such as SWOT and PEST analysis, Business plan, Export price calculator, Business model canvas, simple financial tools, such as Break-even analysis, Loan amortization schedule, Startup cost calculator, Cash flows and financial forecasts, and self-assessment tools in order to self-evaluate their business readiness or readiness for internationalization.

Have access to an online library with information, links, legislation, best practices, etc. in the agro-food sector (e.g., policies for agro-food clusters or cooperation networks, studies related to the agro-food sector, laws and regulations for exports/imports of agro-food products, EU quality schemes for agro-food products, regulations for innovative agro-food companies).

Use the e-learning modules that offer a large list of topics related to the agro-food sector (e.g., Sustainable agriculture, Agroecology, Organic agriculture, Nutrients in waste water, Biofertilizers, Agroforestry, Precision/smart/digital farming, Biodegradable food packaging, Glass packaging, Reforming CAP, Common food policy, EU Quality Schemes, Agro-food sector and tourism).

Have access to an e-networking system in which the registered users may search, find and be connected with, universities, research centers, service and technology providers, etc., including lists of agro-food clusters or cooperation networks, exporters, importers, wholesalers, and trade fairs, trade shows and exhibitions for agro-food products.

Use the e-incubator module in order to develop their business ideas, requesting a feedback or searching for products and services of other users, through the online forum of ViBIEC. Mentoring on new business ideas is also possible through peer-to-peer (private) communication among registered users.

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